IMG_20181203_091655_917Hey lovelies,how is your week coming along ,its Drinkcember guys 😁.That year really flew guys and am guessing for those of you with new year resolutions most of you haven’t met all of them and as you know for me i dont really believe in new  year resolutions because it doesn’t really make sense to me ,i believe its all about choices we make and one can do whatever they wish anytime.To those with these new year resolutions i think whenever you set a resolution you should act on it immediately to avoid procrastination otherwise there is no need for these new year resolutions .

Anyway guys i know i have been away for so long for months damn,its been crazy my people its life and life can get crazy sometime but i tend to always stay positive and always seek  positive energy.2018 has  been crazy for me but that doesn’t mean i will just sit there and cry no no way ,sometimes i have felt bad about myself,i have encountered difficult situations ,met people who have completely broken  and disappointed me but am way stronger and wiser now and as much as i have had difficult times i cannot forget the great moments i have shared with friends and family .Here are highlights of three major things  i have learnt  in 2018 ;

1. Never let someone make you feel bad for who you are .

2. Always be the best version of yourself.

3. Never give so much of yourself to people who will not do the same for you (hey boo its good to be selfish sometime ,selfish in a good way,is there something like that?😃 (I really hope it makes sense ).Snapchat-352207343

With that said i hope we will all enjoy this festive season and we will be a blessing to one another.Share what you have with someone without and that’s how you bless someone else ,sharing goes a long way and something that you may not need may mean everything to someone else.

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How is your week coming along guys ,i hope each one of you is having a great week at work ,home or anywhere you might be.My week so far so good i can smell the weekend already, for me am doing what am supposed to do  to make 2018 count  the year is still young so its the high time to start doing what you want to do before its too late.

Today i thought i should share something really important to each and everyone of us which is smelling good all the time.Everyone should and want to smell good all the time so this post is helpful to all  both men and women or is it just women who love smelling good ,men dont you love smelling good too? Noone love that sweaty foul smell,have you ever been seated next to someone maybe in a bus and you cant wait to get to your destination because of the bad smell coming from the person next to you for those who use public means of transport like me can understand what am saying ,you try opening the window but still is not getting any better let me tell you the struggle is usually so real  this is coming from a personal experience.

Do you know smelling good is not all about taking a shower once we know there people who dont shower everyday we supposed to take a shower everyday at least with a scented soap if possible.Showering does not prevent us from sweating during the day so that’s why we need to use perfumes and colognes to enhance our scent and ensure we smell good.Today colognes and perfumes are everywhere you can find them in the shops just around you or in the supermarkets and even there online stores with really nice perfumes,body splash and even body lotions and they  deliver to your doorstep and like in Nairobi town there are very many stores in the streets where you can get affordable refill perfumes for as low as 100 Kenyan shillings for both men and women. If you cant afford a perfume please take a shower every day bad odor sucks big time we are in 2018 hello!

Alot of us also make a lot of perfume mistakes but anyway dont worry loves i got all of you ,here are some of the ways  i ensure my perfume work harder and i smell good all day and all the time.

2018-01-19 09.44.45 1.jpg



After taking a shower is the best time to apply your fragrance since you have showered and washed off the sweat and dirt from your body  and so the fragrance gets to the skin perfectly since your skin is fresh and clean .The fragrance will get to your skin and you will have a great scent all day.


Did you know fragrance lasts longer on oily skin,at least now u know 🙂  🙂 . Always ensure you moisturize your skin with some good moisturizer you can use your lotion or even vaseline to moisturize your skin and then apply your perfume and your scent will be good all day .


There different types of perfumes out there and am very sure you have come across them and maybe you didn’t understand the different types.These are the different types:

a. Parfum

This is a perfume which mostly comes in a tiny bottle and is very expensive,it has fragrance oil concentration of 20% to 40% and this means when you buy this perfume you just need a little which will last you all day you can just apply on your wrist and behind your ears and you will be good to go.

b. Eau de parfum

This is type of perfume which is commonly available in the stores  and it has fragrance oil concentration of around 10% to 20% and is perfectly good and can last for around 6hrs to 8hrs and you can apply it on your wrist and on your neck and there you go smelling good all day.

c. Eau de toilette

This is fragrance is like a lighter version of eau de parfum and it has an oil fragrance concentration of around 5% to 10% and is good for maybe work since its not too strong  but with this one you have to be generous enough  since its too light and the scent tends to fade away quickly 3hrs to 4hrs .

d. Eau de cologne

This fragrance is mostly found in men perfumes and it has a light oil fragrance concentration of around 3% to 5% .For men you have to also be generous with this type of fragrance as  the scent can also fade really quickly so spray enough to ensure you smell good for long.

e. Body splash

A body splash has an oil fragrance of around 3% to 5% and its really light in concentration so it can also fade away quickly but it also depends with someone’s skin.

2018-01-19 09.46.23 1.jpg


Now you know the oil fragrance in different perfume so you can be able to know what amount of perfume to use like for the parfum its too strong so you just need very little,maybe just  apply on your wrist and maybe behind your ears is enough spraying to many  parts of your body that’s overdoing  it and your perfume will be too too concentrated and it wont give the best scent .For the eau de toilette spray generously as the scent its abit light so you need enough amount to have  an amazing scent  all day.


Spraying your perfume in the right place ensures your scent is good all day an all the time.Apply your perfume on the wrist ,on your neck,back of your neck,on your elbows ,at the back of your knees maybe if your knees are exposed maybe you are wearing something short like a dress or a short and also below your neck so that when you hug someone they can feel that amazing scent 🙂 🙂 .I cant advise you to spray on your clothes since some perfume can stain your clothes so i dont really recommend it.


When you apply perfume on your wrist avoid rubbing your wrist together as most of us do because rubbing weakens the fragrance molecules and the scent of the perfume is messed with and the fragrance will not give the best scent so just let the perfume be and you will have your great scent all day.


If you know your perfume fades really fast its best to take it with you and you can just spray it again after afew hours to ensure you smell good all the time ,for the fragrance with the light fragrance oil concentration is advisable to take them with you.


Don’t spray different perfumes on your body since every perfume has its own components and mixing up the scents will only give a messy scent so use one perfume at a time and also its advisable if you can afford the set which comes with a perfume,body splash ,body cream and body lotion its good to buy  as the set has same scent but at times it might be expensive and we have to have good scent so  just apply one perfume at a time to have a  good scent all the time.

2018-01-19 09.43.45 1.jpg


Where you store your perfume can make your perfume scent change over time avoid storing your perfume in a humid hot place but store your perfume in a perfume box and place it in a cool dry place like in your drawer and your perfume will not be affected and your scent will stay all day.

Its 2018 loves lets ensure our scent is great as i believe amazing scent ups our aggression factor .Try out these tips and see if they will work for you and i would love to know more tips so feel free to comment below.

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Hello lovely people.

How is your new year coming along . Those with the new year resolutions have you started working on them or have you already forgotten about them haha,you should really start working on those new year resolutions because one year its such a short time and those without the new year resolutions continue to do what you do best  and i being one of those who dont believe in new year resolutions i have already started seeing  this year as a year of greatest  and a year of achieving big dreams.

Lets forget about the new year for a moment  because regardless of it being a new year it will still get old and  we know we  still have to look good and for that matter good and classy. Today am really excited to share with you one of my most exciting topic on how be a classy lady,who doesn’t love looking classy?

Ever wondered if there is a difference between a lady and a woman and being particular a classy lady and a woman? Every female can be a woman but not every woman can be a lady .In a social situation the first five minutes into a conversation with a female you can tell she is not a classy lady by just the words that leave her mouth,we female get judged immediately if you didn’t know.Do you wanna be that classy lady everyone admires  and  everywhere you go everyone is like ‘hey ,you really classy’ or other people address you like ‘that madam is really classy’ ,am sure you would really love these compliments it really feels good,i know.Do you wanna be a classy lady, of-course i know you wanna be one  who doesn’t  i got you swiry dont worry here are some of the tips on how not only to be a lady but a classy lady.

2018-01-12 09.50.37 1.jpg



Always refrain from talking about other people am a female so i know this i also love that small gossip ,gossip is life damn,but even though dont make it all about other people is so wrong as ladies we are supposed lo lift and empower one another and not break each other.In case you  find yourself in a situation where people are talking about others try to not talk about others and talk of events or other great things that lift you as women.This is what i call classy and only a classy lady can avoid small talks.

In your conversations compliment others where is necessary and let them know if they look good ,give genuine compliments because this is all classy ladies do they always compliment each other .When someone compliments you too learn to say thankyou to show that you appreciate their compliments too its just courteous.


If you going for a wedding ,court ,job interview wear what is needed to be worn at that time.What you wear when going out to the club cannot be worn for a job interview learn to understand the setting and wear the right thing .I have realized  like in most white people’s weddings all white ladies attending the wedding wear dresses to those weddings, i think they tend to understand the setting  more than we do because in a wedding is where you should portray  yourself as  woman and wearing that dress shows the real woman in you and gives the real figure of a woman.Wearing the right thing at the right time makes you really classy.


Classy ladies always offer assistance whenever needed for example maybe one of your friends hosted you and your other friends to their  place for dinner ,she cooked for you a nice buffet and you really enjoyed the dinner after eating ask how you can be of help to them or maybe you can collect the dishes and take care of them.This is what classy means you always willing to be of help to others and its really courteous.

As you carry out your day to day activities you can also come across someone who is really in need always be willing to help them maybe is that street kid you meet on the streets as you carrying your errands it doesn’t hurt buying or giving them something to eat.


How you walk and sit as a woman really tells a lot about yourself.Wear those heels and make those long strides with your head high and in confidence just like that queen you are,by the way i should do a post on the tricks to walk in heels.Personally i dont always wear heels but i wear them occasionally and i love how heels make us look classy and elegant at the same time,heels its way to go girl if you want all that  boujee and classy look.

When it comes to sitting there is a way a lady should sit in public dont just sit how you sit in your living room watching TV,in public there is a manner which you should sit as a lady. If you are in a dress or a skirt pull it down and sit down that makes you so classy dont just sit like you dont care all legs open we ladies get judged so easily.


Always be a time keeper though at times its hard always try to keep time dont always be the late one,lets say you are meeting with your friends for maybe some lunch keep time and if you get held up somewhere and you not able to be there on time let one of your friends who is already there on time know you will be late and maybe they can start without you.Don’t keep people waiting for you and inconveniencing others for you being late let them know you will will arrive late so they can be able to make proper plans.


Always leave a place at the the right time dont be in a hurry to leave and for example in a situation where a friend or a family member invites you to their place for a party maybe a birthday party or some other party dont just stand up ready to leave when the party is going on and after the party dont just be quit in a rush to go home get to meet the host of the party ,get to thank them for the invitation and tell them how much you enjoyed the party but dont forget to make it short and brief since they also have other friends who want to talk to them . Now you can leave comfortably at your own pleasure,see how classy that is.

Today its not all about using the etiquette words we were taught back in junior school like please and excuse me ,everyone knows this and anyone can use these words even a kindergarten kid but for a lady to be etiquette enough to be termed and referred to as classy they must  portray an image with the above qualities.Its 2018 ladies lets step up our game!!!!!!

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Happy  new year y’all,

How was your Christmas and new year ,i hope each one of you enjoyed your holiday with your families ,traveled safely and now you back to your day to day activities healthy and full of energy.My holiday too was quit good i really had a good time i spent my time with family and the people in my life.

Actually 2017 was a good year  i thank God for the year,i feel like am a very different person right now a lot happened just within a spun of one year damn one year is such a short time. I have also got to learn a lot ,i have done a lot of mistakes that have also made me a better person today as you know no one is perfect we all make mistakes in our lifes and the greatest mistake you can do is make a mistake and not learn from the mistake and making this even worse repeat the mistake.I cannot also forget something that i did that am proud of in 2017 at least  i got to start my own blog this is something i always wanted to do but i always procrastinated.

I dont really believe in making new year resolutions personally because in life its all about making choices and you dont need to have  something that dictates you so you  can do the right thing ,you can still have a list of resolutions with you but still choose not to follow it and literally do the opposite of what you have.In 2018 i dont want to repeat the same mistakes i did i want this year to to be a year of  self realization,self growth and self empowerment as a woman in the society.There some life  changing lessons i learnt from 2017 and i felt like i should reflect them with you today because its really important to reflect on our lifes and our lessons that we learn.

2018-01-09 02.09.53 1.jpg



We tend to procrastinate because we are fearful about the future ,about failure or even fearful about success like what will people expect from us when we succeed what will we have to offer.In 2017 i really wanted to  start a blog but all i ended up doing was saying  aaah maybe i can start next week or on a weekend when i will have plenty of time to do it  and i ended up saying that for almost ten months, i was fearful of failure and thought i couldn’t make it but after i started i have learnt if you want to do something do it now avoid saying you will do it tomorrow or the day after tomorrow the right time is today.


I tend to say yes to everybody and always say yes to any favor from anyone and a lot of time i get taken advantage of,i have learnt to always say no to something that i feel it doesn’t really add value and something  that doesn’t have any positive impact on me.I have learnt to always say yes to me and avoid just saying yes to other people to please them when the yes only has a negative impact  on me .I have learnt to not only make other people happy but i should also make myself happy .Happiness is achieved when you realize your self worth and you know when to say  yes and when to say no.


I have learnt to always take care of myself and always give myself the best ,get myself that manicure treat ,watch that nice movie alone take that hot shower.Taking care of myself shows i love myself ,there is nobody who should love you than you love yourself and there is no one who will ever love you more than you love yourself .I have learnt that self love is quit important.Taking care of yourself ensures you are physically and mentally healthy which is really important.


I have learnt to always appreciate those people who are in my life it can be family,friends or people i come across as i carry out my day to day activities.I have learnt that we are all different and what i know someone else may not know and maybe what they know i may not also know and therefore we need each other.Its really important to let others know how you appreciate them and how much they mean to you for being part of your life because they would have chosen not to be part of you but all they have done is  stay in your life.I have learnt to also leave a positive impact to any person i come across and always be a blessing to others.


The only thing that am in control of is my life am in control of how i perceive my life but i will never be in control of the sun rising at 6.30 in the morning ,i cant control a broken relationship or even a cheating boyfriend there just somethings that are out of hand and out of your control.I have learnt to get to know what is in my control and what is out of my control and also i have learnt to let go of that i cannot control.I have learnt not to get sad for what i cannot change and concentrate on the things that i can change like my thoughts.


No one  loves pain but i have learnt to always  be grateful for my pain because that which caused the pain happened for a reason and happened so that i can learn from it. If the pain doesn’t kill you it make you more stronger right . I  have learnt that the painful situations i came across have made me who i am today,is through that pain i can be able to maneuver through hard times and difficult situations of life.


In 2017 i have learnt to be the best version of me because i have realized no one is or will ever be me and so i have to be myself as everyone else is already taken and i have  to believe in myself and always do what i believe in.

Those are not the only lessons i learnt in 2017 i learnt a couple of lessons but i feel that those are main lessons i would like to share with you as they have really changed my life and made me who i am today.I would really appreciate a highlight of your 2017 some of the lessons you learnt and i would also love to know if you believe in new year resolutions.

❤           ❤         ❤





BEAKEY Makeup Brush Set Premium Synthetic Kabuki Foundation Face Powder Blush Eyeshadow Brushes Makeup Brush Kit with Blender Sponge and Brush Egg (10+2pcs,Black/Silver)



Hello loves,

I feel like its been forever since i posted anything on my blog.How are you guys, how is your festive season coming along? What have you been up to guys ?My festive season is coming along quit good though i have really been busy at work but am back with a bang.I really missed you guys and am feeling like i really abandoned you for quit some time.Am glad am back with another exciting post which will be of help during this festive season.


Its December and its a month of  giving ,sharing and showing some love to those people in your life parents, friends,co-workers ,grandma ,grandpa ,boyfriend ,girlfriend or even your own siblings in short this is a month of gifting the people in your life .Am very sure most of you guys are feeling the  Christmas panic  ,wait you dont have to panic there is still time to get things done.You can still get last minute Christmas gifts for your loved ones by just  going to the nearest shopping mall or by just ordering online and having everything delivered to your doorstep ,all you need to know is the idea of what to get your loved ones.With an idea of what u want you will be good to go it doesn’t matter if its last minute but trust me you will get incredible gifts and get to surprise your loved ones.

Here are some of the last minute gifts i think you should get your loved ones, am more than sure they will like them and they will be so touched how much u love them and care about them.


                                             50 INCREDIBLE CHEAP CHRISTMAS GIFT IDEAS

1 Warm fuzzy socks

2 Makeup kit

3 Eye shadow pallette…morphe eye-shadow pallette is a nice one.

4 Necklaces or nice chokers

5 A set of  body lotion, body splash and body cream

6 A smart phone cover

7 A unique perfume

8 A mini candle

9 A packet of gums

10 Shampoo and conditioner

11 A bouncy ball for kids

12 A nice duvet

13 Some cash

14 A lip kit  that is a nice lipstick and a lip liner

15 Movie tickets

16 Movie basket that is some nice movies,some candies,caramel pop corns

17 Food basket can be some pizza ,hotdogs,chicken,drinks

18 Spa basket that is some nice towels,creams

19 Cooking or baking items that is for people who love cooking it can be a good gift for mum ,grandma ,aunt.

20 A selfie stick.If you know someone who love selfies this can be the best gift.

21 Shoes can be some nice simple canvas  shoes,sport shoes,work out shoes

22 Clothes just anything to wear.

23 Some ugly Christmas sweater 🙂 🙂

24 A nice camera.If you know your friend is a vlogger or a blogger a really nice camera would be the best gift for them.

25 A phone glass protector

26 Drug store makeup .Drugstore makeup is quit cheap and you can surprise your loved one with that blush ,highlighter ,bronzer or even a nice lipstick.

27 Hand sanitizer

28 A nice soft scarf

29 A nice pillow and pillow cases

30 House Christmas stickers

31 Nice inner wares for him or her

32 Wall calendar

33 Flowers

34 A nice wallet for him

35 Loop earrings for her

36 Sunglasses or ray-bans

37 Headphones

38 Portable charger

39 Makeup brushes

40 Ties for him ,your dad too.

41 Watch for her , him, mum ,dad or even siblings

42 Gift cards with a nice Christmas message

43 Thermos can be for mum ,grandma,aunt.

44 Manicure or a pedicure date

45 A nice nail polish

46 Sports items this can be for someone who is into sports

47 A nice Christmas mug

48 A customized mug

49 A nice water bottle

50 Handbag for her ,mum,grandma,aunt,cousin.

 You can get your loved ones a couple of gifts out of the 50 gift ideas and am sure they will be surprised and very happy .If you have already bought your loved ones Christmas gifts let me know other additional gifts that we can surprise our loved ones with,please comment them below you will be of great help.


Thanks guys i love u so much ❤ ❤ ❤


MERRY CHRISTMAS                             ❤     ❤           ❤  ❤                             MERRY CHRISTMAS




DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of the Christmas photos.






Wssup my lovely readers

Today i wanna start by welcoming all of you to my blog ,for those who follow me thanks for the  love its very much appreciated and for those who are visiting my blog for the first time welcome to pinkyh pinky world family please show some love by following my blog for random exciting topics i really have a lot in store for you.

How was your week and how is your weekend coming along i feel like its forever i haven’t talked to you guys but am glad am back with another one.I wish you guys know how much i care about you  am always doing research to ensure i give you something that will add value and something that will enhance your looks and avoid embarrassments imagine that love.

In most of my previous posts i have talked about make up i think its because am really into makeup i love makeup i love how it enhances our beauty  especially me as a black woman.Today am also here with another post relating to makeup and i will base my post on one item that should never miss in your makeup kit which is a concealer.

Have you ever wondered what is the purpose of a concealer and  if you really need one to be part of your makeup kit?My answer is yes ,you must have a concealer in your makeup kit as it’s really  important when doing your makeup and you can use different shades of concealer in different ways.

Today i want to talk about some of  my concealer hacks that i thought you should know and i think you should also try them too  and see if they will work for you.These are the concealer hacks that will make your life so much easier.



1 Covering and hiding blemishes.

Orange concealer is used for hiding and covering blemishes like dark circles under your eyes or even around the mouth.Apply the concealer and blend it well with a brush or even your fingers ,i prefer using my fingers when applying to cover my blemishes as the fingers apply quit well on the exact place where the blemish is and blends really well.

2  Highlighting

You can use a concealer to highlight certain areas on your face like on your cheeks,nose ,forehead and on your chin.For highlighting always use a concealer that is one or two shades lighter than your skin tone or the same shade as your skin tone please dont forget that its really important.Never use a shade that is too light always remember two shades lighter or same shade as your skin tone.

3  Contouring

Concealer can also be used to contour your face always remember for contouring purposes use a concealer that is three or four shades darker than your skin tone and blend it in well.

4  Foundation

Did you know you can use your concealer as a foundation?In case you step out and you forget your foundation and you have your concealer with you ,you dont have to worry the concealer can serve the purpose all you need to do is apply enough amount on the face and then blend it well.

5 Eye primer

In case you dont have an eye primer you dont have to worry you can use a concealer as an eye primer all you have to do is apply some amount of concealer  on your eye lid to prime your eyes before applying aneye shadow,the concealer prevents the eye shadow from creasing ,sets it in place and ensures it lasts for long,all day or all night.

6 Lip primer

We all have different lip color some people’s lips are pink others are dark  you can apply the same color of lipstick with someone and it wont look the same on the lips  there will be a slight difference depending on our lip color .Priming your lips with a concealer before applying any lipstick helps bring out the real color of your lipstick without putting into consideration your lip color.Priming your lips with a concealer also helps your lipstick to stay longer.

7 Face primer

You can use your concealer as a face primer,put some concealer on your hand add some lotion and mix it well apply on your face and wait for like a minute till is tacky then go in with your foundation .Priming your face helps your makeup stay long and ensures you get that flawless finish.There you go with benefits of a face primer at a cheaper cost.

8 Define your eyebrows

After you have filled in your brows with an eye pencil or   an eyebrow gel go in with some concealer to  clean your eyebrows and this ensures your eyebrows have that sharp defined eyebrow shape.You can clean both lower part and upper part of your eyebrows or just the lower part only, for me i prefer only cleaning the lower part of my eyebrows.

9 Perfecting your lipstick

There are those times you apply your lipstick and then it gets messy and is outside your lips,you try cleaning with your fingers and  it even become more messy and its all over .You can use your concealer to clean this mess just apply a little and clean all the messy lipstick this ensures your lipstick is perfect and is in place.

10 Correct redness

This mostly applies to the white girls who tend to have redness on their face ,to correct this apply concealer on those areas and blend it well then apply your foundation and you will get that flawless finish.

Those are not the only concealer hacks am sure there are many others, i would really love hearing from you any other concealer hacks please comment them below i will really appreciate.

Please like ,comment and subscribe to my blog i really have a lot in store for you guys.

Have a greet week ,thank you for your love .Take care ❤ ❤


















2017-11-20 04.59.41 1.jpg

Hello slay queens and kings!

Am hoping you had a great  week and a great weekend .My week too was amazing though abit busy haven’t been able to post twice that week ,at times things get crazy but you just have to keep up but anyway i cant complain much my weekend was good, as i write this post am feeling really excited because i really love looking fabulous and spending less  who doesn’t love looking good on a budget,who doesn’t love inexpensive stuffs that give that bad boujee look ?

2017-11-26 07.58.36 2.jpg

Did you know you can look fabulous without breaking the bank by just wearing what you have your basic clothes.You dont have to spend all your money on expensive clothes while  you can still look good in  less expensive outfits.Your look is determined by  how you wear your clothes the confidence  you show, do you step like that princess you are?How you present your look is really important dont let the clothes wear you but wear them in confidence they belong to you anyway.Do you want to get that super dope look with that cheap top,jeans or even dress,i got you love i wanna give you some tips on how you can improve your look and  still be on a budget.Lets get that bad and boujee look !!

2017-11-26 09.13.15 1.jpg





How you present your look is really important. Do you really believe you look good, do you step like that queen you are.If you present yourself in a million dollar confidence you will look like a million dollar queen ,you can  even  be on your sweat pants and a hoodie but if you believe you look good in them and you really confident enough no one will realize you are in your sweatpants and if they do  it will be a compliment ‘i like your pants  girl’ or ‘i want such a hoodie where did you buy it’? Step in those big strides queen other people  will only see you are looking dope only if you believe you are.Confidence goes a long way in looking dope and trendy and still  be on a budget, its just confidence free of charge i think this is the cheapest way to look boujee without spending even a coin.


Ensure you accessorize your basic clothes with a nice clutch bag ,a unique neck piece,some nice earrings maybe a loop it can be golden loops or silver loops whichever  looks good on you depending on your skin undertone, a nice colorful scarf also can work magics and for men a hat cant be a great accessory for your outfit.It is really important to accessorize and when you do it the right way noone will notice your basic outfit the first thing one will notice is that nice clutch on your hand or those golden loops on your ears.Accessories make your look extra if done the right way and there you go looking good with your basic clothes and still on a budget  all you need is investing in good accessories.


In case you dont like your basic outfits and you have an idea of how you can make it look better and dope just do it yourself its that simple ,maybe its that jeans you got which look very basic and you got an idea of how you can make it look extra just do it yourself.If you dont have any idea there are diy videos allover YouTube and they can be of great help.If you also dont find anything you like in the stalls just buy the basic outfits and make what you want by yourself if it’s that crop top you want you can buy that basic top and transform it to a crop top by yourself just do it yourself and you will look fabulous and still be on a budget.


If you want to look good with your basic clothes ensure your clothes fit you perfectly swing that waist mama and show those pretty legs and that nice booty too.If your basic outfit fits you good its guaranteed to look dope and trendy .Dont wear that baggy jeans wear one that fits you perfectly with that crop top showing that tiny waist and it’s guaranteed you will look good,  and there you go spending less on outfits and looking boujee.


Make your look more extra by pairing the basic clothes with non basic outfits like a nice leather jacket or a bomber jacket. For the leather jacket black is the perfect color because you can wear it with any outfit and still look fabulous.A nice black leather jacket with an outfit that fits you quit well will make you look like a million pound girl so invest in a nice leather jacket it will never let you down and dont forget you are still on a budget.


If you always want to look fabulous you must always ensure your makeup is on point and your hair is well done.Ensure your make up is well done, put on those lashes like a queen,apply that nice blush and highlighter and glow all day long.No matter what you are wearing even though is a sweat pant and your make up and hair is well done girl you looking expensive.Also ensure your nails are well done dont forget we on a budget so you can get that nice nail polish and do your nails at home spending less and looking  like a million pound queen.


Copy celeb’s outfits since celebs are always on the red carpet and that means they are always nailing it  on those events .Look for the outfit dupes buy the outfit it can be that denim jacket ,those heels,that dress and i always believe if its good enough for Minaj it will definitely be good enough for me .Copying celebs make your look fabulous and trendy almost looking like them and spending less.You can imagine copying Kim’s or Rihanna’s outfits the basic that they put together ,you will end up looking bad and boujee but spending less.Celebs dupes really help in looking good and still be on a budget.


Shoes are  girl’s  best friend ,who doesn’t love to be in nice shoes.Invest in some nice heels,flats,open shoes,sandals.If you want to look good make sure you got some nice heels.Heels just make one look  fabulous ,you can be in your basics and you are in your heels and the first thing someone will notice its your nice heels and how you walking in those strides like a princess.Some nice sandals and flats really help too when you dont want to walk in heels or maybe you walking for a long distance .Invest in some nice shoes and your basic clothes will  no longer be basic you will look all boujee and still be on a budget.

Lets keep slaying and and try out these broke bitch tips and tricks.If you have any other tip on how you can make your basic outfits fabulous and trendy feel free to comment below.

Have a great week guys see you in the next post next week  .I love you ❤ ❤ Take care








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Hello loves.

Have you ever applied your foundation and you in your best outfit stepping out for  that party ,dinner and  even before you get to your destination the foundation its all over your dress ,shirt or just whatever you have on …arghhh!!!Lets even get to a more embarrassing situation,ever hugged your friend and all your make up its left on their shirt and to  make it even worse to their  beautiful white shirt.You left there knowing very well you have messed someone’s beautiful shirt or dress and you like damn should i say it or not  😦 😦  your face is very evident on their shirt your makeup is painted allover so you dont have a choice you just have to say it very embarrassed at the moment.

I have a personal experience ,there is a time i met with my friend they were with their best friend and you know hugging today is like a way of saying hey so i hugged my friend and also hugged their best friend  and before i even knew it their collar was all brown my makeup was allover.  To make it even worse one of the friend had a white shirt so the makeup stain could show very well.When i realized the mess i had done i felt so embarrassed and just before is said  it, one of the friend had noted the stain already and he was like “all your makeup is on his shirt” little did he know his shirt too was messed 😦  😦  .I felt so embarrassed if you have ever been in such a situation you can relate actually that is one of my embarrassing moment.I even ended up avoiding hugging people  because i was so scared my makeup would transfer to their outfits.You know well hugging is so common you cant avoid that for long so i couldn’t avoid it forever so the only option was to look for a solution to avoid makeup transfer,tips and tricks to ensure your makeup doesn’t transfer and if it doesn’t transfer that means it will last longer.

Since it’s a Friday and the weekend is here i found it right to share some of my tips and tricks on how to fix makeup transfer and ensure your flawless look last all day or all night since you may want to go for an event or a date over the weekend and you want  to ensure your makeup last for long.

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1 Having a good base .

Having a good base for your make up is key.Ensure you do your normal skin care routine apply your moisturizer on a clean face and let it absorb into the skin for a few minutes.After a few minutes spray a small amount of setting spray directly  on your face i feel the setting spray helps all skin types whether you oily or dry  ,it creates a protective barrier between your face and makeup and hence the makeup wont easily transfer.After the setting spray is dry  apply primer allover your face .There very different primers in the market all you need to do its get a primer which your makeup can cling on all day.When your primer get tackish  now your face is ready for make up.

2 How to apply your foundation.

How you apply your foundation is really important you just dont  apply all your foundation on your face at once.Use a damp beauty blender start by applying thin layers of foundation till you get your maximum desired coverage and thin layers help as you will achieve your maximum coverage without your foundation being cakey.I  prefer using a beauty blender to brushes since it really blends  the foundation well when you dab it gently on your face.After you get your maximum coverage take a piece of tissue pat it gently on your face and this helps to absorb the excess oils on the foundation as our main aim here is avoiding makeup transfer and having a long lasting makeup look.

3 Setting powder

Before i learnt these tips and tricks i never thought this step was important and maybe that’s the reason why my makeup always ended up transferring.Set your foundation with any powder it can be a loose powder or a translucent powder.Press a small amount of powder into your face dont set with a lot of powder its just a small amount and make sure you press it in.

4 Set with a setting spray

Spray enough setting spray enough to make your face wet but not to the extent of dripping just enough to the point you feel your face has enough moisture.When the setting spray is almost dry go in with your beauty blender and dab it gently on your face and this helps make your face smooth and more natural.

5 Apply your blush\highlight

Apply your blush and highlight and finally set your whole make up again with a setting spray and there you go with your fabulous look lasting all day.

Is a fix it Friday queens lets fix this problem and avoid these embarrassments.Who wanna be embarrassed anyway? Try these steps and let me know if it makes a difference , if your makeup last long enough just comment on the comment  section below.



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Love ❤  ❤ from Nelie














Ever wondered why it has always been so hard getting the right foundation shade?Am thinking the most challenging thing in make up world is getting the right shade of foundation.If you have read my previous post am sure you understand why it is really important to get the right shade of foundation and if you haven’t read it i will link it below please have a look at it.It took me such a long time to get to know my perfect shade of foundation so am  very sure there is still someone outside there with this challenge.Imagine always walking in the make up counters buying a certain shade of foundation today getting home very excited to apply your foundation , get that flawless finish  and step out for a party ,event or just a normal day to ran your errands only to find out the foundation doesn’t match with your skin tone .How disappointing and frustrating can that be? 😦  😦  You don’t need to answer that swiry i already know your answer 😉 🙂 The reason why this happens its because you dont understand your skin undertone.

There three types of skin undertones warm undertone,cool undertone and neutral undertone.If you there struggling with this challenge ,here are some of the ways you can know  your skin undertone, thank me later.

1 Wrist test

Look at the inner part of your hand and look inside your veins ,what color do your veins have?

If you have green veins that means you have a warm undertone so refrain from any foundation that is cool honey,cool mahogany just any foundation that comes with the label cool.

If you have blue\purplish veins that means you have a cool undertone so also avoid anything that is warm mahogany,warm honey,warm beige just any foundation that comes with the label warm.

If u cant tell the difference between green and blue you’re just lost in between that means you have a neutral undertone.Anyone with neutral undertone look best in colors labelled neutral or natural.

2 Which colors do you look good in when you dressed ?

If the wrist test don’t give you an answer think of the colors you look good in when you dressed.Its very true certain colors will look good on us but might not look good on our friends or someone else.

If you look good in yellow,orange,brown ,warm red  clothes chances are you have a warm undertone therefore go for foundation shades labelled warm.

If you look good in blue,green,purple clothes chances are you have  a cool undertone therefore go for foundation shades labelled cool .

If you look good in all the colors you’re very lucky you got a neutral undertone go for a shades that are natural or neutral.

3 Jewelry test

Do u look good in gold earrings,gold neck chains ,gold bangles ,gold rings?If so then chances are you have a warm undertone .A person with a warm undertone looks good in any jewelry piece that is golden.If you got a warm undertone go for warm shades.

Do you look good in silver earrings ,silver bangles ,silver neck pieces ,silver rings?If yes then you have a cool undertone.Go for foundation shades that are cool.

Do you look good in both gold and silver jewelry ?This means you have a neutral undertone and you should go for natural and neutral shades.


Upon using these methods to test your skin undertones always when you walk in the makeup counters to shop for foundation and the makeup attendant\artist want to test the foundation shade on you,never allow them  to test the foundation on your hands as the hands tend to be abit darker than your face.Let them test the foundation on your cheekbone or jawbone and ensure there is proper lighting so as to see if the foundation disappears and blends perfectly .Another tip is once the makeup artist have tested the foundation on your face you can use your  phone to take a photo of your face using the flash to see if it gives you a flashback.You dont wanna buy a foundation then all photos taken during your special night out are horrible all of them have a ghost face .


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Please comment below if you the one who found your skin undertone using these methods and feel free to comment any other methods that one can use to know their right foundation shade.Help someone out there who is not sure how to get their right foundation shade.


Have a lovely week bunnies,take care

❤         ❤

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Ever walked in the streets of Nairobi and come across a very pretty lady very well dressed but her makeup look is just wanting something is just not right ,colors not blending at all and you just left like if that’s how i will look after applying  on makeup then no no am good without.Am not being judgy but with the change in times where everything is on the internet we also need to keep up with time. Makeup is supposed to make you you look good,glow and like for the foundation its supposed  to leave your face flawless.

Here are some of the makeup mistakes that Kenyan women are still making even today and solutions to avoid making these mistakes ;

1 Using black eyebrow pencil.

We are  in 2017  hello….. ,who uses a black pencil to fill their brows?You are supposed to use a sharp brown pencil and fill your brow gently with no harsh lines .Harsh lines only makes your brows very dark and very pronounced looking like you have used a permanent maker to fill your brows.

2 Using very light concealers to clean and define your brows

Stay away from concealers  that are two or more than two shades lighter than your skin tone when cleaning and defining your brows.Use a concealer that is one or same shade as your skin tone.

3 Using the wrong shade of foundation

Using a foundation shade that doesn’t match with your skin tone is very visible,never use  a foundation that is lighter or darker than your skin tone otherwise it will be very visible as it cant  blend perfectly to match your skin tone .Using the wrong shade of foundation only leaves your face at a mess where your face will differ from your neck and other parts of your body.To get the right shade of foundation never ever test the shade of foundation on your hand as the hands tends to be abit darker than your face always test on your face like around your cheek bone and ensure there is proper lighting so as to make sure your foundation perfectly blends.

4 Using too much blush

Too much blush on the face just makes you look messy you only supposed to use just a little blush on your face and make sure you blend it out completely using your brush.

5 Lipstick

Using the wrong shade of lipstick ,a lipstick that doesn’t match with your skin complexion  like a person with a dark complexion with a very bright shade of lipstick.Am sure u can get what i mean you can see that picture,can you?Always find a lipstick that goes with your skin complexion.

The other mistakes that falls also under lipstick is failure to line your lips before applying lipstick.Always line your lips with a lip liner or just any beauty pencil maybe like your brow eyebrow pencil it can also serve the purpose if you dont have a lip pencil.When i dont have a lip pencil i use my eyebrow pencil and it works so you can be like me and try it out.

We in 2017 ladies lets avoid these mistakes as they are very visible and makeup is supposed to make us look beautiful,flawless and always glow.

Have a lovely weekend people ,have fun and take care 🙂  🙂 🙂 😉 😉  ❤ ❤


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